Why the need for training?

There are many who already know how to shoot and edit digital film, and so feel they no longer need any training. They just want to go headlong into making an indie movie to make a name for themselves by winning an award in some film festival. This is like Manny Pacquiao, going straight to fighting Mosley...without first training in Freddie Roach's gym. Or pro ball players in the NBA just playing their tournament season games without training workouts and practice. Or Tiger Woods just playing in the Masters without practicing in the driving range with his swing coach, or keeping his putting touch in condition. Chess Grandmasters never stop training. They keep experimenting on new ideas and pushing the limits of possibilities. Mastery needs constant training. Being good at what you do is one thing...training to stay good and be even better is another. It used to be difficult to train for filmmaking. It was expensive. You needed a film camera, and film editing equipment. So most professionals learned and trained...on the job! And even with the arrival of video, having a camera to shoot with was still a problem, and editing was costly even with student-rate fees. But today, with accessible and user-friendly technologies...one can shoot digital film even with a cell phone! And edit in any computer! And The Film Gym provides workout cameras and editing stations...so that anytime, everyone can prctice, practice...practice! Everyone can keep experimenting with new creative ideas...and pushing the limits of possibilities, continually strengthening and honing creative skills.

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