What is VL102?

The VL102 workshop is designed to be the practicum segment of VL101. It is for putting into practice, through shooting and editing of exercise videos, all the principles laid down in the VL101 seminar. The main objective of this is to transform the purely intellectual knowledge acquired in VL101 into experiential knowledge to complete the learning in this entry module. The classroom sessions for VL102 is therefore limited to taking up basic technical knowledge...just to be able to shoot and edit these illustrative exercise vodeos. Those who are already technically advanced in direction, cinematography and lighting, and editing, should not expect this to be an advanced workshop on these fields...but they can apply their advanced technical knowledge creatively, to illustrate all the cinematic principles for creative and effective visual story telling laid down as the foundation in VL101. This is the essence of our Progressive Training System, which allows the growth of each filmmaker in perfect consonance with his/her aptitudinal level and learning capability. The exercise videos will provide a clear profile of each filmmaker, from where the Training Director can clearly see where the next steps for each should be in the progressive training system. At the same time, there will be film appreciation viewings where movies will be analyzed in all their many aspects for everyone to see how the professionals creatively use the exact same cinematic elements and principles taken up in VL101. This will inspire and trigger ideas that each and everyone can experiment with in their continuing practice and workout in the Film Gym. Then those who have entered the universe of continuous learning through the portal of the foundation module, and have marked their distinct places in the map of the Progressive Training System, will be offered more advanced workshops, including those specializing in different fields like Direction, Cinematography, Editing, etc. For a detailed description of the essential content of VL102, please click on "Courses" in the menu bar. The VL102 page follows after VL101.

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