What is creativity?

The key to creativity is awareness of the creative process. The outward manifestation of this process will be different corresponding to the uniqueness of each individual, but the essence is the same. Essentially, the process involves intuition, imagination, inspiration: the heart faculty taking the lead, and the intellectual faculty as its servant instrument. The process is simple...but not easy. It is not easy for the intellect-bound, or those who are over dependent on the intellectual mind making it the lead faculty, which as a consequence, effectively closes the door to the source of all creativity. Everyone is inherently creative. But many unconsciously create blocks to the portal through which flows creativity. Removing the blocks to creativity is the start to letting one's creativity flow freely from the heART. Everyone is an artist. All one has to do is open his/her art. But creativity is not confined to the Fine Arts. One can be creative in whatever one does. Actually, everyone creates his/her own reality in each and every moment. Only, most people create unconsciously. In this manner do people create fragmentation ad conflict, pain and suffering...and sometimes happiness, then attribute these to luck - good or bad. The objective of our Creativity Workshops is towards being a conscious creator. A conscious creator is never a choiceless victim of circumstance but a master of his/her destiny. He/she is the master of the alchemy of consciousness: the art of transforming the contents of consciousness from fragmentation to wholeness...from turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones, to transforming all feelings into joy. To a conscious creator, living itself is art. The secret of creative living is simple: just BE yourself. But if you are not aware who you really can you be yourself? If you were the sun, would you need to struggle to give light? By simply BEING, the sun gives light and life to this world. When you have learned to open your heart through a process of inner ecology, and in the unveiling regain awareness of who you really are...your creative and unifying nature is effortlessly made manifest in everything that you do. (A mini Creativity Workshop is included in the VL101 seminar. Those who may be interested in our full Creativity Workshop, please email us.)

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