What is the difference between "basic" and "advanced"?

There are some who ask, "But this module is just basic...don't you have advanced modules?" This is from misperception of the word "basic" as only for beginners, those who have little or no knowledge...and "advanced" would refer to those who already have much knowledge and simply want more advanced knowledge. Wisdom is knowing the difference between perception and reality. In reality, everything is really basic. What is referred to as "advanced", is really the advanced application of the basics. Taking advanced modules is really quite useless unless one has a strong foundation of the basics. This is the reason we initially teach film as a language...not as art, as many prefer. For instance, there are many who directly plunge into writing poetry...without first having a strong foundation of the basics of language: vocabulary, grammar and syntax. Besides, in reality, art cannot be can only be awakened (which is the essence of our Creativity Workshops, which will be offered separately). But when there is a strong foundation of the basics of language, art naturally and effortlessly transforms language. It is exactly the same way with music. Jazz musicians cannot play their impeccable improvisations without a solid foundation on the basics of chord progressions and harmonics which provide the underlying grid for their "advanced" musical play. With a solid foundation of the basics, one's lifetime of learning and experience of filmmakimg is merely discovering progressively more advanced uses of the same basic principles.

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